Why Kuranui?

Welcome to Kuranui College International​​​​​​​

Kuranui College is situated in the small town of Greytown only one hour by train or road from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington.

The college is a state coeducational school of about 530 students. This size means that all students know each other well and international students find that they are welcomed into a warm, caring environment where they are able to make close friendships with New Zealand students.

Kuranui College offers a broad curriculum and international students can choose to continue to study a fully academic programme or they can choose subjects they may not have had access to in their home countries. This could include; Physical Education, Drama, Dance, Photography, Design, Art History and Technology. See the Senior Course Planner for full details of subject choices.

Kuranui College welcomes international students from all over the world. We value the contact with other cultures and the multi-cultural perspective international students bring to our school and to the South Wairarapa community.

In recent years we have hosted students from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Iceland, Canada, Wales, Australia and Japan.

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s education system is held in very high regard internationally. International PISA results show New Zealand students to be amongst the highest achievers in the world – see isenz.com/study-in-new-zealand/.

New Zealand teachers are highly trained to not only pass on their expert knowledge but also to work closely with students to motivate them to learn and to achieve to their potential. Find out more in Why Study At Kuranui?. You can also download the International Student Prospectus and the Application Form, or Enquire Now!

Finally, we make it easy to pay your student fees to your local bank in your local currency using Pay to Study