2021 Cultural Awards

2021 Cultural Awards 

Every student who participates in our cultural extracurricular activities is acknowledged for their time and dedication to their art at our Cultural Awards with a participation certificate. 

Major Cultural Awards

Achievement Award - Gold Badge

  • Students who have represented the school in 2 or more activities within the cultural field for 3 or more years. Eg to receive a badge for Dance, a student may have participated in Showquest and Dance NZ Made for year 9, 10 and 11.

Outstanding Achievement Award - Blue Badge

  • Students who have represented the school in 2 or more activities within the cultural field for 3 or more years, and have previously received a Gold badge.
  • They should have represented the region at a national event, or won a national title in the calendar year.Eg to receive a badge for Drama, a student may have participated in Shakespeare and Theatresports for year 9, 10 and 11, won a Gold badge in Year 11, and be won an award at SGCNZ Nationals.

Greatest Contribution Awards 

We have 7 areas of service to our cultural life at Kuranui. In any calendar year, we honour the students who have made the greatest contribution to this area with this top title. This includes work on stage and behind the scenes- from choreography, directing, performing, creating artworks, running lighting, backstage management, stage design, musical direction, kapa haka and any other areas the school takes part in within that field.

Our awards are for the following areas:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Visual Art
  • Tikanga Maori
  • Literature
  • Performance Technology

​​​​​​​Our major award nominees for 2021 are:

DANCE  Nominees: Lola Armstrong, Anna Laybourn, Sorcha O’Donoghue, Georgina Birrell   

DRAMA Nominees: Jayden Drinnan, Jack Lewington, Aimee Clouston

VISUAL ART Nominees: Monet Dignan, Connor Hislop, Freya Smith 

MUSIC Nominees: Kikorangi (Jazz Band), Meg Hunter, Sepp Bale

TIKANGA MAORI Nominees: Te Whaiti Ngarotata, Arana Edmonds, Caleb Te Hira

LITERATURE ARTS Nominees: Emma Rose, Katie Taylor, Sarah Hyde

EVENT TECHNOLOGY Nominees: Joshua Wiegman, Aimee Clouston, Katie Taylor



Our major award recipients for 2021 are:

DANCE: Anna Laybourn

DRAMA: Jack Lewington

VISUAL ART: Connor Hislop

MUSIC: Kikorangi (Jazz Band)

TIKANGA MAORI: Arana Edmonds​​​​​​​