Cultural Activities

Music Department

Our Music department is a varied beast, participating in the National Jazz Competition, Rockquest, Play it Strange, Pasifika Beats, and Talent Wairarapa. At school students can take itinerant lessons in woodwind, brass, strings and vocals.

Currently we have a highly successful Jazz Band and several rock bands, and are building the Barbershop group and the string quartet. Our students in the past have been selected for the National Youth Orchestra, winners at the National Jazz Festival, and finalists for Rockquest NZ.
We have also been thrilled to have students working as the Musical Director of our school productions.

Music Tuition – Instrumental and Voice

Weekly lessons during school time are given in a range of musical instruments subject to availability of tutors. We have instruments for hire so that students can try an instrument before owning one.

Please let us know your interests when you enrol!