Gliding at Kuranui College, Greytown, Wairarapa

Students in the senior college can opt to take a subject called “National Certificate in Aviation”. This is a nationally recognised NZQA course and is a spring board for students wanting to enter any aviation related field of study.

This Certificate has two parts:

  • 6 achievement standards which are paper based –completed in college.
  • 5 external standards which are based on gliding – completed at the airfield.

These gliding standards include:

  • Demonstrate glider ground handling
  • Demonstrate glider winch launch as a pilot
  • Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ “A” Certificate (go solo)
  • Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ “B” certificate
  • Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ QGP rating (Qualified glider pilot).

This training takes place, mainly on Saturdays, at the Gliding Wairarapa airfield at Papawai, Greytown.

The costs are as follows: Each winch launch is $25.00NZD, and the glider hire charge is 20 cents per minute when in training.

The instructors are GNZ certified instructors.

Each student is expected to help out with airfield operations – get the gliders out and cleaned; put the gear away at night.

Average costs per flight are about $50.00 NZD. It normally takes 30-40 flights before the student can go solo.

It is a small club, with a strong emphasis on training student pilots.

Student Jordan Mackie receiving instruction from the CFI. Jordan is now a commercial helicopter pilot.