Kuranui College takes its responsibility to look after its international students very seriously.

Students must arrange health insurance and travel insurance on personal possessions before leaving their home country. Health insurance covers any medical or dental treatment required during the time they are a student in the school. You will be responsible for the cost of any treatment required for pre-existing conditions and normal maintenance of health such as dental care and doctor’s visits.

Kuranui College has a full-time student counsellor to provide advice and guidance for students, available for consultation at any time during the school week.

The International Student Dean has responsibility for the progress and happiness of all our international students and maintains a close and caring oversight of your son or daughter.

The Principal is available for consultation by students and parents and maintains contact with parents to ensure a satisfactory educational experience.

Guidelines of Behaviour
Kuranui College and the designated guardian take your child’s welfare and safety very seriously. The following guidelines are established with their interests in mind and agreement to these is a requirement of acceptance at the school.

Liquor: The use of alcohol is prohibited at the College and at all times that students are in school uniform or on school business, and is illegal at all times for young persons under 18 years of age.

Drugs: Use of drugs is prohibited.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited at the College and at all times that students are in school uniform or on school business. It is an increasingly unacceptable habit in New Zealand homes and is strongly discouraged.

Motor Vehicles: International students are not permitted to drive a motor vehicle. Hitch-hiking is also forbidden. Serious and expensive legal problems arise if students are involved in an accident.