Starting Out

Kuranui College provides International Students with the best educational opportunities, with qualified staff and up-to-date resources. Every attempt is made to assist students with their study and offer counselling and support in all areas.

When a student to whom English is a second language first arrives, they are referred for assessment and an individual study programme is prepared for them.

Some students with limited English may spend most of their time at first studying English with fully trained and qualified English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teachers. All students are placed in a Form class. As the level of understanding improves, a student will be gradually placed in regular classes and given support and extra assistance if needed. All international students continue learning English during their time at college and ongoing assistance is available through to Year 13.

Careful selection of subjects is very important. Guidance and advice is given to all students. Some subjects are heavily language orientated and students often find them more difficult in their first year at college. Students may also find that they cannot take subjects at a senior level if they have not studied them previously. It is very important for students to choose subjects carefully. Some courses at tertiary level require students to have completed certain subjects at secondary level.

The International Student Dean provides support to regular classroom teachers and assists in the provision of suitable resources for students.

Private tutoring in English and other subjects can be arranged at the request of parents. There is an additional charge for this service.

Uniform and Stationery

All students at Kuranui College are required to wear the school uniform.

Uniform items can be viewed at

The cost of the following uniform items is met by the College: Shirts/blouses/shorts/trousers/skirts. This will be organised by the International Dean during your first few days in New Zealand.

Stationery and WorkbooksStudents are expected to provide their own stationery and purchase their own workbooks. A list of requirements will be provided on enrolment.

You can also find the list of requirements and stationery at the Course Requirements page.

The College welcomes contact with families and parents and is always happy to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise.