Refund Policy

This Policy is based on Section 4B[7] of the Educational Amendment [No4] Act 1991

[7] Where at any time a foreign student withdraws from a subject, course, or programme at a state school, the Board may refund to the person who paid (in respect of the student’s enrolment in the subject, course, or programme) the amount of fees referred in subsection (1) of this section (or sum of any instalments paid in respect of those fees) any amount it thinks appropriate not exceeding the extent (if any) by which the amount paid exceeds the sum of the following amounts.

[a] The Board’s best estimate of the cost to the Board (including the appropriate proportion of the Board’s administrative and other general costs and the appropriate proportion of any initial or start-up costs of the subject, course, or programme for one student up to that time;

[b] An amount that is in the Board’s opinion an appropriate reflection of the use made by one student receiving tuition in the subject, course, or programme of the Board’s capital facilities;

[c] The appropriate proportion of the amount (if any) prescribed under section 4D of this Act for a student receiving tuition at a state school in the subject, course, or programme;

[d] All other fees (if any) prescribed by the Board.

In order to be eligible for any refund the parent must apply in writing to the Board of Trustees, setting out the special circumstances of the claim. In arriving at their decision the Board of Trustees will take into consideration the special circumstances of the withdrawing student and:

a) costs already incurred by the Board

b) the salaries of the teachers and associate staff and any other components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course.

c) an amount which covers the use of the facilities and resources to date of withdrawal

d) any refund of the foreign student’s fee, from the government.

Except in exceptional circumstances, no refund is payable where a student withdraws in the second half of the course. In the case of a full year student, the second half of the course commences on the first day of the term after two terms have been completed.

Where a Parent withdraws from the contract before the student arrives in New Zealand, 90 percent of the fees paid are refunded.

Where a Parent wishes to withdraw from the contract after the student has arrived in New Zealand, no refund will be made except in the case of:

  • return home because of the student’s serious illness;
  • return home because of death or serious illness of a close member of the student’s family.

This is at the discretion of Kuranui College. In these cases under New Zealand law the College must retain amounts to cover costs already incurred. The balance will be returned. Medical evidence must be provided. Parents whose students are insured with UNICARE may have the balance of their fees reimbursed by that Company.

No refunds will be made to Parents where students:

  • are asked to leave the College because of misbehaviour, poor attendance or violation of the rules regarding motor vehicles:
  • wish to transfer to another school for whatever reason;
  • acquire Permanent Residence after having enrolled at Kuranui College (or parents acquire a business visa).