Duke of Edinburgh

2023 sees the Introduction of the Duke of Edinburgh at Kuranui College.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award equips rangatahi for promising futures by challenging young people to develop skills and tools to improve themselves – and their communities.

Participants set their own challenge. With guidance from Award Leaders, each young person is encouraged to examine themselves - their interests, their ambitions, and set challenges for our four Award sections; Voluntary Service, Physical Recreation, Skills and Adventurous Journey (along with Gold Residential – at Gold level only).

The Awards provide confidence, problem solving skills and the resilience to thrive in our ever-changing world

Adventurous Journey (Supported by Mr Fuller and Mr Greening)
     Developing a sense of adventure and discovery while undertaking a team journey.

Physical Recreation
     Engaging in physical recreation for the improvement of health, fitness and wellbeing.

     Developing personal interests, creativity or practical skills.

Voluntary Service
     Volunteering over a set period of time in the community.

Gold Residential Project
     Sharing a purposeful experience who are not your usual companions.

Duke of Edinburgh has 3 Levels to complete over a minimum of 2 Years (Have until 24 years of age to complete)
The William Pike Challenge is completed over one year.

Students can complete in their own time.

Mrs Whiteman will be the program co-ordinator.