WHATS ON THIS WEEK - 23rd - 29th May 

Monday 23rd May

Football 1st XI Girls Football Training

Basketball Seniors - 

   KC Snr Boys v Makoura Snr A  - 5pm  @WAICOL

   KC Girls Blue v KC Maroon Girls - 6.50pm  @YMCA

   KC Maroon Girls v KC Snr Girls Blue -  6.50pm@YMCA

   KC Snr B Boys v Waicol Snr B Boys - 5.20pm @YMCA

Hockey Girls

   KC 1st XI Hockey Girls v SMS 3rd XI, 6.30pm, THT Turf

Tuesday 24th May

Rugby Under 15 and 1st XV Training- Inspire Time

Football - 2nd XI Girls, Inspire Time


   KC Kings Training, Inspire Time KC Girls Blue and Maroon Training 3.30-4.45pm

   KC Knights and Bishops Training 4.45pm-6.00pm


   KC Boys 2nd XI Hockey vs Rathkeale Rams, 5.15pm, THT Turf

Wednesday 25th May


   College Sport Wellington Cross-country Championships, Harcourt Park, Upper HUtt


   KC Girls1 1st XI Training @ Clareville, 3.45pm


   KC Senior B Boys Training, Wednesday Lunchtime @Gym (possibly joining with KC Kings this week)

   KC Senior A Boys Training, 5-6.30pm, @ Fstn Stadium 

   KC Kings v  Makoura Jnr A, 4.35pm @ YMCA

   KC Bishops v Rathkeale Jnr Red, 5.20pm @ YMCA

   KC Knights v WaiCol Jnr A, 7.15pm @ YMCA

Netball Training

   KC Jnr A 3:45-5pm KC Maroon, KC Blue, KC White 3.30pm-4.45pm @ KC Courts


   Training KC Boys Blue @ 3:30-5pm

Smallbore Training 6.30pm @ Martinborough

Football Girls

   KC 2nd XI Girls, BYE


   KC 1st XV v Makoura College, 5.30pm @ Memorial Park, Masterton

Thursday 26th May


   KC Senior Training 3.30pm-5pm


   2nd XI Boys & Social Hockey Team Training Inspire Time

Badminton Training - Inspire


   KC 1st XI Boys Hockey v Fielding H/S 2nd XI, 5.15pm @ Massey, Palmerston North

   KC Mixed Hockey v SMS Green, 6.30pm, THT Turf

Football Girls

   KC 1st XI v Solway Senior, 3.45pm @ Kuranui


Friday 27th May

Staff v Student Basketball - Lunchtime

Chess Club- Lunchtime games

Basketball Senior A Boys Training 5-6:30pm @ KC Gym

Saturday 28th May

Netball at Colombo Road Courts, Masterton

  KC Jun A v KC White, 10am

  KC Sen A v Gladstone Storm, 12noon

  KC Blue v Wai Coll Sen Blue, 10am

  KC Maroon v Solway Green,12noon


   KC 1st XI Boys v Wellington College Yr11 Gold 11:30am @ Wellington College 3

   KC 2nd Boys v Rathkeale Senior A, 9am @ Rathkeale Upper Common

   KC Boys Blue v WaiCol Junior Boys, 9am @ WaiCol Computer

   KC Maroon Boys v Rathkeale Red, 10.30pm @ Rathkeale Oval


   KC Under 15 v Makoura College, 10am @ Makoura 1

Sunday 29th May

Hockey Boys 1st XI Training, 5.00pm-6.00pm @ Clareville