What the students say

Anje Runga, Germany

Hi, my name is Anja.

I am 17 years old and I am an exchange student from Germany at Kuranui College.

At home, the goal of school is only to get people prepared for University. New Zealand school is different. Here at Kuranui you can choose subjects that match with your interests and get you involved in practical activities. These could be cooking, sewing, singing, doing woodwork, gardening …

Sports are an important part of the college and students have the possibility to join the school teams in netball, basketball, rugby and many more. For the less competitive students there is “out and about” which includes several outdoor activities like caving, mountain biking, tramping, rock climbing and kayaking.

One of the many reasons for choosing Kuranui for me was Papawai airfield that is close to the college. There I finally had the possibility to learn glider flying.

Apart from that … the teachers are very passionate about the school, Kuranui is using modern technology and students are more than welcome to use their own laptops, the uniform is nice and much better than most other schools but most important; the students are friendly and welcoming.

All in all I’m enjoying my time at Kuranui College.