Volunteering while at school is a great way to develop life and work-related skills and it is a great way to contribute to your community.  It can help promote you when applying for a University Scholarship or Halls application.  It could help you become more employable when you start looking for an apprenticeship or full-time employment.​​​​​​​

How to find a volunteering placement:

  • Look on volunteer listing websites, (links below).
  • Find a business you would really like to be part of and approach them directly to see if you can help them out. 
  • Think about how you could do your job role of choice for different companies e.g. social media / communications for a local charity, small business, or a club.
  • Volunteer to work with youth, the elderly, cultural or sports groups.

​​​​​​​Make the most of your volunteer position, treat it like you would any professional job:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions OR to put your hand up for additional projects / opportunities.
  • Get to know other volunteers (think of them as colleagues)
  • Honour your commitments
  • Look for ways (where appropriate / achievable) to help out other team members
  • Put in your best effort to your assigned tasks​​​​​​