​​​​​​​Parents as Career Advisors

As a parent or caregiver you can have a big impact on a young person’s career choices.  Parents are often the first and preferred choice for advice and information.  When your teenager decides to leave school, encourage them to make sure they have a plan.  You may feel overwhelmed about helping your teenager in making informed career decisions.  You may think you are giving them incorrect advice, resulting in the wrong decisions.  However, in today’s fast-changing world there is no such thing as a wrong choice because a career decision is not a single event.  Currently, we are experiencing a rapidly changing world of work, where the concept of a “job for life” is uncommon.  Most young people entering the workplace today will have several different careers over their working lifetime.  So instead of a fixed career, career paths are now a journey, with multiple roads and numerous destinations.  There may be bumps in the road along the way, however the key is to support your teenager in over-coming these bumps.

CATE: Careers & Transition Education Association NZ, whom we are members of, have some wonderful resources to help you in your career conversations with your young person.  Click the link to the right to access these resources.