A six week introduction to Gliding course is offered in Terms One and Four during Inspire. Register your interest now. Please note if possible it is good to be able to stay at the range until 5pm on days where the weather permits flying.

Following on from the course students can join the Gliding club.


Learning the basics of aviation is offered during Inspire in Terms Two and Three. This course takes place at Hood Aerodrome. 


Students in the senior college can opt to take a subject called “National Certificate in Aviation”. This is a nationally recognised NZQA course and is a spring board for students wanting to enter any aviation related field of study.

This Certificate has two parts:

  • 6 achievement standards which are paper based –completed in college.
  • 5 external standards which are based on gliding – completed at the airfield.

These gliding standards include:

  • Demonstrate glider ground handling
  • Demonstrate glider winch launch as a pilot
  • Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ “A” Certificate (go solo)
  • Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ “B” certificate
  • Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ QGP rating (Qualified glider pilot).

This training takes place, mainly on Saturdays, at the Gliding Wairarapa airfield at Papawai, Greytown.

The instructors are GNZ certified instructors.

Each student is expected to help out with airfield operations – get the gliders out and cleaned; put the gear away at night.

Average costs per flight are about $50.00 NZD. It normally takes 30-40 flights before the student can go solo.

Wairarapa is a small club, with a strong emphasis on training student pilots.


The Club offers two scholarships per annum to support students to further their flying. These are awarded at the KC Sports Awards in late October. Further details will be made availble when applications open.