Player Recognition


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    Major Sports Awards​​​​​​​

    Outstanding Achievement Award

    • Is awarded to the athlete who has ahceived the highest Achievement in their given sport.

    Outstanding Junior and Senior - Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year 

    Is for General Excellence in Sport. Points are awarded for 

    • Their MAIN SPORT with points for National, Regional, Provincial, 1st School Team, Captaincy.
    • Contributing Sports with points awarded to National, Provincial, points for each team they played for the College and Captain of a first team or captain of a team
    • Coaching - Points are awarded for Full and only Coach, co-coach and manager 
    • Other - Points are also awarded for Fulltime or part-time umpiring.

    The AWARDS cover acheivements from start T4 2020 to End Term Three holidays 2021.

    Our Sportsman and Sportswomen of the Year Award is also judged by our Sports Panel.

    Blues/Excellence in Sport
    Are awarded at Sports Prize giving. The criteria is:

    • Individual Year 11-13’s who display high standard of ability including representative honors, attitude, behavior dress, attendance, fair play and sportsmanship.
    • Nominated by their coach. All nominations are presented to a selection panel for confirmation.

    Player of the Day and Fair Play recognition is made by individual coaches, weekly.

    Representative Honors

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